Conflict Analysis or Conflict Assessment is an Initial Stage of Conflict Resolution


December 5, 2016

The entire conflict analysis is very beneficial and important for any peace-builder specially in terms of designing the programs toward a peacekeeping matter.
Now in considering all of the mentioned elements while we analysis a conflict situation I believe the most important and useful one is the foundation tools for the conflict analysis exactly this is the place that grantee our analysis where we are on the right or wrong way. An analysis can be a bias and or a non bias one but the foundation tools that we choosing for our analysis is critical because that’s the foundation in which we make our analysis that’s the place that can prevent you from a bias analyst.

Also it depends on the analyst but we have to accept that It is important to note that program designs are iterative process exactly as it has been said in the reading but peace keepers in any community or country will lead this iterative process based on the foundation tools for the analysis and the policies that they will be making through the key issue, each of them should have to keep in their minds that whether the elements the factor and the foundation tools that they selected for the program are connect to each other, and or  if they are related or can impact  within the conflict dynamic and actors behavior.

Session 2: 

Theories of Change.

As we all believe there are many factors that would case for a change, a simple change or a big change nevertheless a change happens and if that change be fundamental or a foundational one there is that we apply a successful theory of change.
For sure most of the communities are not huffing from  a similar factor, and that’s why theories of change also can be effective in one while it won’t be for the second one but there is a similar part while the changes we apply in any society leads toward a change and for sure everyone straggle for a positive change. So this part is an interconnected element in every theory every theory leads toward a positive change.

Quoting to my previous sentence that its true all of the mentioned theories in theory of change can be useful but never the less they are important maybe one of them can be the most influential while in another context that would be useless one. 
Considering all of the theories change mentioned in the reading while we design that how they structure the abilities, the ground realities and the competencies for each of them is also very important but exactly the Economics theory and the Objectives; Outcomes will be the two most useful one in my point of view  as both of them are very important in any community
An economic change besides an objective outcome from the strategic targeting along with the foundational tools for analysis the conflict would be one of the best mixtures for a peacekeeper to word a community change or peace-building. 

Session 3:  Strategic Targeting


The selection of potential stakeholders or participants I the conflict setting is very vital while they will play the main role in the targeted conflict areas thus the selection is as important as the expectations of the outcome. A strategic targeting to whom a society or community wishes to mediate the conflict will wary on the influence of tastings.
As it has been said in the reading that its relay on the investigation of three tools for partner identifications which are (1) Trim Tab theory; (2) the Lederach Triangle; and (3) Facilitators and Spoilers . I believe each of the above play very important role in selecting the strategic targeting the Trim Tab theory which focus on the main actor the influential figures in a peace-building setting is the most important part of targeting meanwhile the Lederah Triangle which focus  on the distributions of beneficiaries and the impact of actors are also important but  while we focus in the actor here as well so its again referring us to a most influential targeting that leads toward the triangles still whoever lead the triangle while each part of the triangle plays a vital role.

While on the third one  which is the facilitative and Spoilers both works for their own aims whether is peacekeeper or the spoilers but if we select the potential Trim Tab theory which focus on the main actors of the strategic targeting its easily solving this part again I have to say it’s very important for the actor and the target we selecting in the very first tool for selecting the strategic targeting, for all of the mentioned theories and tools there is a interconnected parts which bring them together and I believe that’s the Trim Tab theory the main actor that can play important role in the Lederach Triangle while he or she will work not on the grassroots level more effective and even while mediating between the facilitators and the spoilers.