Afghanistan Institute of Peace believes that Afghan communities and the local people have the SEED, power, and resources to find the solutions to the community level conflicts, and if we solved the community level conflicts we have come to a major achievement in Afghanistan conflict resolution. We believe that each conflict, no matter big or small each starts from a small cause and expand into

a big and bigger level. Therefore, our mission is to help the community to bring the solution to their community level conflict.
Meanwhile to what the communities and the public can do on their own, we also need to shift the balance of power and resources in the wider world or, in other words, the resources should be shifted from the central big cities to the communities where they need it the most.  In order to do so, by conducting in-depth research we want  to find out the deep local knowledge of a conflict and its causes, the moral authority to challenge people to a positive change, and the long-term commitment to fighting for peace in our communities.
AfgIP supports the ongoing peace negations, we committed to providing a compressive real  picture of the conflict in the country.

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