Afghanistan Institute of Peace (AfgIP) is an independent think-tank and a leading center for a positive community change and peacebuilding efforts toward Afghans and the region. We are committed to providing an in-depth analysis of Afghanistan and global issues relating to Afghanistan peace and reconciliation process. AfgIP engages in research to understand the ongoing conflicts (such as militancy, religious extremism, radicalisation and insurgency) with the help of academic experts, scholars and thinkers whom have years of practical and academic experience on

 these issues in their local, regional and global context with a view to creating knowledge that will foster peacebuilding efforts in the country.
Our main objective is the awareness and advocacy to the young generation of Afghanistan, an independent and the real introduction of Afghanistan everlasting conflict, the causes of this violent conflict, the involved parties and their roles,  the interests both regional and international stakeholders of the conflict, and analysis of the current affairs of the ongoing peace talks in Afghanistan.
We are not affiliated with any political or governmental organization or entity, thus the views, analysis and publications are all independent and academic based on the ground realities.

AfgIP is mainly stood on for the following principles and objectives:

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