In order to consolidate peace in the country and to lay-down the foundation of a peaceful Afghanistan for the coming generations, AFGIP requested the Afghanistan Islamic Republic to add the peace subject in the school curriculum. In so doing, the coming generations will adopt the basics of peacebuilding efforts from their childhood. This will also will mark a starting point for students and the coming generations to familiars and prioritize their individual responsibilities towards peacebuilding efforts in the country. Speaking on behalf of the Afghanistan Institute of Peace, Mr. Ahmadzai suggests specific recommendations to respond the challenges facing the peace talks, as follows: Mr. Yasar Ahmadzai the founder of AFGIP started the conference and talked about the objectives of the conference. He add that “Afghanistan Institute of Peace commemorate the International Day of Peace and invited Afghan political parties, Civil Society Organizations, experts, and academics, to share their thoughts and to work on an applicable and acceptable solution to the current challenges and problems facing the peace talks, and over all peacebuilding efforts. Afghanistan Institute of Peace held an advisory conference in honor of the celebration of the International Day of Peace with Afghan political parties, Civil Society Organizations and academics in Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) on September 21st, 2016. The conference was covered by 32 media organization, including 5 international and 27 local media. KABUL, AFGHANISTAN